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6/5: BBQ/Early show with XERXES + more.

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6/5: BBQ/Early show with XERXES + more. 227904_10150182430482066_566252065_7252237_312827_n

I have a grill in my backyard that is never utilized when I do shows. Well, thats all about to change. Come hang out and grill and at the same time, check out some radical bands.

XERXES- On tour from Louisville, KY signed to No Sleep Records

COLONY-Heavy jams from the Hudson Valley.

TRENCHFOOT-Come see us in our natural habitat.
Demo will be up soon, will post a link when it is.

+ one more tba.

First band at 1.
Bring food, drinks, frisbee's, and cute girls.
There is a suggested donation of $3.
Support touring bands, support BBQ's.
Message me/email eltravisde123@hotmail for the address

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Will there really be cute girls there?
How many?

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i like the sound of this.

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not counting albany this will be our first show in the area since march

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Travis, I'm totally gonna be there for this one. No bullshit. I don't care if I have to save up for gas.

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Sounds like a good time.

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I like this flier

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Read heavy jams as heavy james. Now I need to go make music and call it heavy james

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96/5: BBQ/Early show with XERXES + more. Empty ggfdsg on 5/18/2011, 10:14 am

I'm gonna buy burgers/hot dogs/veggie burgers for this. Wish it wasnt so early but there was nothing I could do about it. Come out, bring friends!

here is the fb link, let me know your going!!/event.php?eid=153703821363984

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Cave is now playing this show.

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Fuck yes. Cave rules

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Are puppies invited to this gig?

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ryanxclifford wrote:Are puppies invited to this gig?

Yes, I love puppies. My cat will be pissed, but whatever. Our dogs can hang out.


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