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SUCH A MESS good intentions LP Pre Order FFO Brand New / The Wonder Years / Turnover

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SUCH A MESS "Good Intentions Giving Way" LP Pre-Order / Test Press Give Away up NOW!


Welcome to the family SUCH A MESS!!!

We have 2 different versions of the LP up now in the store.
The red cover is only available directly through us and is limited to 69 copies. Keep an eye out for them on tour next month they will have copies. Also one lucky order will receive a free very limited TEST PRESS. This first pressing was small so don't wait, this will sell out!

For 5 years this band has stood out in the Southern California pop-punk scene. "Good Intentions Giving Way" shows a new found sense of maturity for the band. 9 Tracks in just over 26 minutes that showcase exactly why SUCH A MESS has been successful thus far: energy, passion, and catchy choruses that will leave even the most jaded scene junkie singing along.

Influenced by bands like: The Wonder Years / Turnover / Citizen / The Story So Far / Brand New / The Starting Line / Balance and Composure

Includes digital download coupon. Feel free to give it a listen at

follow us on facebook to see upcoming shows and stuff

Be sure to check out our distro that stocks over 2,000 titles PUNK / HARDCORE / METAL / and everything inbetween

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